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Hello everyone, and welcome to the morning paper on April 23.


Unexpectedly, a few days later, Evergrande’s new stadium made headlines again. The Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Regulations and Resources stated that the lotus court previously announced by Evergrande is not the final plan and will be compared and selected. In this way, some of the previous comments may be embarrassing. Regardless of whether the stadium design is beautiful or ugly, what's wrong with it!


Last night, reporter Yuan Ye said in the live broadcast that despite the recent rumors, Wu Lei is unlikely to land in the Premier League.


"The Sun" ranked the 10 richest club owners in world football. The new owner of Newcastle topped the list with 320 billion pounds, the Premier League 4 teams and Inter Milan are also on the list.


Recently, Barcelona officials stated that they will transfer the naming rights of the Camp Nou next season to the Barcelona Foundation to raise funds to fight the epidemic. A club spokesperson also said that naming will open the door to any company.


A report from the Croatian media Sportske Novosti claimed that not only Liverpool, but Barcelona and Real Madrid are also interested in Inter Milan midfielder Brozovic.


Earlier, Lukaku claimed in an interview that Inter Milan had a lot of players fever in January, but the club did not test the players for the new crown. According to the latest report in the Italian newspaper Repubblica, Lukaku has apologized to the club for the remarks.

此前,卢卡库(Lukaku)在接受采访时声称,国际米兰在一月份有很多球员发烧,但俱乐部并未测试球员是否能获得新的桂冠。根据意大利报纸《 Repubblica》的最新报道,卢卡库已向俱乐部道歉。

The Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Regulations and Resources stated that the lotus court previously announced by Evergrande is not the final plan and will be compared and selected.


On April 20th, Beijing time, Shanghai Greenland Shenhua held an open media day event. According to "Oriental Sports Daily", Shenhua's new aid Feng Xiaoting said in an interview that Shenhua's training volume is much greater than when he was in Jeonbuk. In response, old coach Cui Kangxi responded.


In the live broadcast tonight, reporter Yuan Ye talked about the fact that Evergrande was fined 500,000 yuan by the Chinese Super League. He said that Evergrande was fined because the celebration had begun before the competition process was completed.


Today, Beijing time, reporter Yuan Ye talked about Wu Lei's future and Guoan's salary in his live broadcast. He believes that Wu Lei is unlikely to go to the Premier League in the future.


Recently, former Arsenal player Van Persie said that before signing Manchester United, Arsenal did not offer him a new contract. Van Persie said, "If anyone has evidence that Arsenal opened a new contract to me that year, I will give him a million pounds."

最近,前阿森纳球员范佩西(Van Persie)表示,在签下曼联之前,阿森纳没有为他提供新合同。范佩西说:“如果有人能证明阿森纳当年与我签订了新合同,我将给他一百万英镑。”

Former Real Madrid player Ivan El Guerra recalled in an interview recently that he and Ronaldo were teammates. He said Ronaldo once had a party at home and called many girls.

皇家马德里前球员伊万·埃尔·瓜拉(Ivan El Guerra)最近在一次采访中回忆说,他和罗纳尔多是队友。他说罗纳尔多曾经在家里开过一个聚会,叫许多女孩。

Former Chinese men's football coach Lippi said in an interview that he might consider coaching another national team. At the same time, he also expressed his views on the recovery of the season and the championship situation in Serie A.


Recently, Chelsea player Pulisic revealed in an interview with Chelsea's official app that his idol is Figo and he hopes to play for Chelsea with Messi.


Scholes said in a guest UTD Podcast that he was very good at tackles in the player era, and if he was facing the opponent player, he would have a chance to steal the ball.


Bayern Munich star Mueller accepted an interview with German media. In the interview, Mueller talked about Bayern's Champions League prospects and captain Neuer's contract extension.


"The Sun" can be said to be contemporary Leeuwenhoek. They discovered that Messi was a fan of Boxing King Ali. In the gym at Messi's home, the wall was covered with Boxing King Ali posters.


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