I bought the pen pro, bowl pro and the round1, and these are nice, the best I have used.
Joe Swall  



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We have made it our mission to bring woodturners the very best tools at a very reasonable cost, our tools make the hard task of sharpening, and learning to ride the bevel and figuring out angles, a thing of the past.
It has been our goal to bring you a tool that won't wear you out, and is very safe to use our lineup of tools is rapidly expanding to keep pace with the needs of all turners.
 Our tools work efficiently and with out stress on the craftsman by putting the strain and stress on the lathe, by keeping the tool just slightly extended over the tool rest and kept parallel to the floor our super sharp long-lasting micro and nano grain carbide inserts give more time to enjoy woodturning by spending less time sharpening tools and sanding.
 We guarantee these will be some of the easiest to use tools you'll ever buy !
Happy Turning


This is our flagship tool, our Bowl Pro. 8-1/2 inches of Solid Stainless steel with a scary sharp carbide insert that will last roughly 80 to 100 times as long as a sharp edge on conventional High Speed Steel. Comes with Two inserts, one 15 mm x 4 inch radius and one 15 mm x 2 inch radius. Sold with a 17 inch long Ash or Hickory handle for $82.00 or $70.00 less handle which also saves on shipping.


Generally regarded as the best carbide pen turning tool on earth, our Woodchuck Pen Pro is used on nearly every continent on the globe, except the Arctic and Antarctica, this tool at a comfortable 4 inches long is made from the same 1/2 inch square Solid Stainless Steel as it's big brother, also comes complete with two razor sharp inserts, extra screws, and a hex wrench as does it's big brother the Bowl Pro, the price with an 8 inch Hickory handle is a very modest $76.00 un-handled the price is only $66.50


One of our specialty finishing tools is our Round One. the tool is built on a Stainless Steel square bar 3/8x3/8 and has a fast shearing 11 mm carbide insert, we can configure this tool to your specifications, Normally we produce it in 8 and 4 inch lengths, but can make it fit your favorite boring bar or captured tool system.
Standard lengths are $68.50 for either 8 or 4 inch, the tool comes furnished with one insert one retaining screw and a hex wrench

To order please phone our office at
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